Friday, 3 February 2012

The 28 drawings challenge - year 2, first few days.

So, it is the 28 drawings challenge again as organised by Victoria on facebook and I don't have a theme, but will probably mainly be using ink and watercolour again. My first drawing was part of JKPP, which is another lovely exercise in group creativity that I really should do more often- it seemed the right drawing for the start of the challenge!
My second drawing was from a book on Impressionist cats and dogs - who knew Renoir had a bit of a cat fetish, or that Monet seemed to deliberately not include dogs in his paintings? Anyway, any excusse to paint cats, and if someone else has done all the hard work in choosing the pose then all the better. What can I say - I was tired.
Todays drawing is from waiting for the hairdresser to start - took over ten minutes, enough time to record most of the view in the mirror - which was at a weird, leaning forwards angle. Almost wish I had more time to include more of the denizens of the place.

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