Thursday, 26 February 2015

Oil Painting of Mrs Cat - Day 26

Finished - maybe. For today, at least. At this stage I generally stop, put the painting up on my studio wall somewhere and see if it annoys me while I'm working on other stuff. In a week or two I'll take it down, have a closer look and either do more to it or decide it is done and put a layer of retouch varnish on it.

Then it goes back on the wall until I decide to either do more to it (it it's crying for attention) or send it to a gallery. Depending on how long it's been it then gets a final coat of varnish or gets taken directly to the framer.

After that it depends very much on other people what happens - although I have a sneaking suspicion I might just keep this one for myself!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Monoprint Failure - day 25

OK, so today is a cheat in that I actually did the print yesterday - but I had the ink out for the linocut and really wanted to experiment a bit more - that's what it's all about, right?

Sadly my experiments didn't go very well - there clearly is some kind of trick to doing monoprints, either that or the ink I've got is just too cheap - it was drying out before I had finished drawing. Also the charcoal paper I used was probably not the best thing as the lines on it have come through clearly. Again, more research needed - this is one of the reasons I like doing the 28 drawings later challenge - it gives me so many ideas to explore until the next one!

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Linocat - Day 24

The lino was cut on sunday night in front of the telly, but I've not had a chance to try printing from it until today as I suspected it might be a messy business.

Which it was. Having never done any print making before the whole thing was new to me so I didn't expect quite so much mess at all the stages - from all the little bits of lino cut out to ink getting everywhere. I also didn't expect the ink to be quite so sticky and thick - none of the finer cuts really came out, sadly, but on the plus side the ink being thick has given the fur a lovely mossy look.

But I think I might read up a little before my next linocut.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Stretch - Artgraf Watersoluble Graphite - Day 23

This was done with water soluble graphite from Artgraf, that comes in a little tin I bought at the Royal Academy last week. I thought that graphite might suit a picture of kitty with the grey winter trees behind her and I am fairly pleased with the results although as always with new media I can think of a few ways to do better next time. I used a chinese brush, which is my favourite for life drawing - I can really see this stuff being very useful indeed in the life class, especially if using pencils as well. The finished work has a lovely granulated, slightly sparkly look, which might suit a future project I'm thinking about. So although not entirely pleased with this drawing really glad I did it as I think it will lead to lots of other, better works.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Paper Cat - Day 22

Finally caught up, day 21 done on day 21. And what an unexpected bother it was. Maybe I should have used glue, or photographed it, rather than trying to scan it, which meant thinking in reverse and trying to move teeny bits of paper around underneath other bits of paper. The blanket is of course her favourite and we shan't mention what she's doing.

Cat Statue - Day 21

Right from the start of the month I knew I wanted to do a little statue at some point. But I've never done any three dimensional making so wasn't sure what to use. Initially I thought I'd use fimo or clay, but then I saw some plasticine in the art store and since it was both much cheaper and less complicated it seemed like a better option.

However I may have bought too small a pack - this little statue is only a couple of inches high, so adding any kind of detail was pretty difficult, especially without tools. If I do it again maybe I'll use a pencil or something to draw on whiskers. Still, sometimes simplicity is a good thing, and thinking in three dimensions was a nice change.

Saturday, 21 February 2015

Kitty Portrait - Day 20

Only anther week to go so I've looking back to see what I've done and what I've not yet managed - next week should have more experimental (for me) works, as hopefully I'll have a wee bit more time. I'm also getting more familiar with cat anatomy, which should allow a bit more freedom, and have already used all my normal ways of working.

One of the things I noticed I hadn't done was a close up, so here it is. Using white pencil in a tonal manner is new, too, of course, and more difficult than I expected.