Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Review 2014

The Kitten
This time last year I wrote about being very excited about the year to come as I felt I had discovered what my paintings should be about. I finished the post with "So, this year the aim is to put together a body of work of which I am proud, dealing with how people present themselves." And have I achieved this? Yes.

I am proud of my solo show in August and although I still have a lot of work to do in exploring how we tell stories about ourselves visually I do feel I've made a decent beginning. Thankfully, buyers do seem to agree with me, as almost half of the works from the show have now sold.

Which is terribly encouraging - all the paintings were bigger than I had tried before, and two of them were 3 x 4 ft - so I was working on quite a different scale from previously. Big canvases are clearly in my future.

This was my first solo show, so I had an awful lot to learn, not least how to create a group of work that hangs well together and making sure the paintings were done on time. Through doing this I learnt a process that works well for me where I draw the proposed painting on a smaller scale. On some occasions I also did a colour study to try out options or to see if a bigger version will be possible. Which is very traditional but in my case updated with the use of digital camera - if considering a change if tone or colour I would play around on the computer. But sometimes there is no alternative to doing it in oils.

What else was new? Well, several of the people I painted were folk I had never met before but had volunteered - I was nervous that I couldn't paint someone whom I didn't already know, but fortunately it worked out well which hopefully means that my first commissioned portrait to be done soon will not be a problem.

What else happened this year? Several new galleries have been in touch with me, so I will be showing at various new places next year, which is quite exciting.

So I had quite a good year, unlike Glasgow in general, which suffered greatly in various ways. But onwards and upwards.

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

RGI Postcard Exhibition

Two Forks

A couple of weeks ago I listed the christmas shows that'll have my work in this december - but I forgot one - the RGI Kelly Gallery Christmas exhibition .
As I was included in the last RGI show, they've asked me to put in a postcard sized work - The Two Forks, above, for sale unframed at £250 along with everyone else's small works. The private view will be next friday (the 5th) from 5 til 7 - the chances of picking up a bargain are fairly high, so I'm disappointed I'll probably miss it - maybe next year I'll declare the last week of november/first of december a holiday and just float around all the openings without having to worry about getting some stuff done - might be fun!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Christmas Shows 2014

Peek A Boo
Fourteen of my paintings have been delivered to four galleries in preparation for their Christmas shows.
First up is Mansfield Park Gallery, who will be having a changing show, as buyers will be able to take their paintings with them, rather than waiting for the show to end - my contribution is two paintings of tea-cakes as well as one of a magic wand and a tiny 10 cm painting.
Leiper Fine Art have also started hanging their Christmas show but won't be having the opening until the 4th. It will be my first time showing with them - although not the first time at one of their openings - and it will be interesting to see The Beauty and The Innocent in among other painter's work.
Art Exposure Gallery is now on Great Western Road, a couple of doors down from Dominoes and across from the underground, and will be having their opening on Friday the 28th. They will have the upstairs area all finished by then so I expect it will be a great night to see a good range of work - along with Peek-a-boo (above), The Crest , Metamorphosis and two of the clown drawings.
Finally there is The Glasgow Art Club with their exhibition open to the general public from the 24 th. This one is particularly not to be missed, as it includes work from past as well as present members so provides a bit of a survey of painting in Glasgow since it opened - there is a watercolour painting of roses by Mackintosh, an oil by his teacher Fra Newbery, a couple of Muirhead Bone's prints, several luscious David Donaldsons and John Cunningham's fab Garden Festival painting, for example. Hanging the show, getting a close up look at these, was a real pleasure, and I do feel honoured to be hanging on the same walls as them - The Fool and the The Queen are both near the bar, while The Fall is in the newly restored big hall.
See you there?

Friday, 26 September 2014

Drawing Tank Girl, Mew Ichigo and a Skyrim Warrior

Painting people has made me think a lot about how we present ourselves using clothing, hairstyles, make up and so on. Therefore when I went along to the Glasgow comic con in July I was fascinated by all the cosplayers - it was amazing to see how far appearance could be pushed and fascinating to see 2d images like Harlequin come to life.

So I thought of them when I decided that going back to basics by spending some time drawing.

There are a few compositional things I'd like to explore, tonal stuff to work out, and some basically just messing about to see what happens - this is much easier and quicker with drawing than painting. For example, with the Mew Ichigo drawing I was thinking about telling the story more with the white than the black. The Skyrim drawing explores vagueness versus sharp line whereas Tank Girl was my first drawing on white for many years - much harder to get the tonal balance right.

Anyway, these drawings and others will be for sale at Hanson St Open Studios, 4th and 5th October - come along and tell me what you think.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Hanson Street Wasps Open Studios 4th and 5th October

It is Open Studios time of year again and Hanson St will be open for 12 till 5 Saturday the 4th and Sunday the 5th of October.

This year I will have several paintings on show from the recent exhibition as well as drawings and colour studies, so a wide range of sizes and prices.

My studio mates are as always showing terrific stuff - you can see more and keep up to date at Facebook .

WASPS other studios are open on different weekends throughout October - details at WASPS open studios

Friday, 19 September 2014

Erm. Ooops.

Earlier in the week I said that I'd be showing The Coins at Glasgow Art Club's Autumn show.

But unfortunately I missed the deadline for entering the painting - my only excuse being that everyone has daft days and that yesterday was had more distractions than usual.

So, no painting in the show and I won't be going along to the opening. If any of you were planning on going, please do so, there is always a lovely variety of work, just not mine this time.

And the painting will be on show at the Open Studios, 4th and 5th of October. See you there!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Glasgow Art Club Autumn Show 2014

The show at Mansfield Park Gallery is over and some of the paintings have come back to me, to be sent out to new places.

The first of these new places is the Glasgow Art Club Autumn show, opening this Saturday afternoon and the painting I'm sending is The Coins. The rest will stay with me for the time being.

If you want to come along and see how my painting looks in amongst other works from the Art Club members either let me know or just come along between 3 and 5 on Saturday. Otherwise the place is open most days and the show will be on for around a month.