Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Koi fish painting

OK, been playing around over the last wee bitty with watercolours (have you noticed that? guess its pretty obvious . . . ) and the most recent play has been with chinese brush and ink - this particular painting is the blue, which is an absolutely lovely, ethereal purpley-blue.

Also obsessed with movement at the moment (no idea why - sometimes I think you should just roll with obsessions, especially in making pictures - since where you start and where you end are so completely different places. How to portray movement is, of course, one of the big questions that all artists solve in their own way - or decide to completely ignore!).

How beneficial experimentation can be is something I have been talking to other artists about quite a bit recently, and I am thinking of putting in my diary specific "experimentation" time. So, what do you guys think? Keep experimenting? Keep working on the movement?

Oh, and I have three paintings going on show at Art Exposure on Friday - the show will be on for about a month, if you can't make it down to the opening.