Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Celtic Connections at Glasgow Art Club

Last week Glasgow Art Club noticed that the main exhibition room would be in use for Celtic Connections but there wouldn't be any artwork on the walls. Oh dear. So they asked us if our exhibition could continue til the end of January.

Elaine Speirs needed her paintings back for an open studio event (wish I could go to that!) and Irene Blair also needed a few back. The rest are the same, rehung, with a few more to fill the gaps - Fran Hanley has provided some ace paintings that compliment Donna Briggs work well and I have added two.

The above is a recent painting that I miss already. It has a very calming presence, and has slotted in nicely between Sheila Macmillan's energetic landscapes.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

At The Start Of 2013

Seemed appropriate to start the year with a painting of growth.

So, what are the plans? To get better, to learn, as always.

To meet new people and talk to old friends more.

To visit new places (like maybe Italy) and old places (Paris and up the west coast).

To enter more competitions - which means ones in London. This may well also mean more visits down there.

Paintings wise currently I am passionate about landscapes, both rural and urban, although I do plan on painting people again soon. Some of these will be tronies as previously, but some may will be more complex works. Flowers may also be working their way onto my paintings, since the Yellow Roses were such fun to paint.

This should be the year I move into a studio - which will mean some big changes in the way I work.

Last year opened up the possibilities so I expect this one will be full of development rather than exploring new avenues. But then, things happen, so who knows?

Happy new year to all of you, hope it is a good one, and would love to hear your plans - there does seem to be a special kind of magic in writing it all down for everyone to read!