Thursday, 26 November 2015

Christmas Shows

The last few weeks have been very buy ones, getting paintings finished nd then photographed/framed and into galleries in time for their christmas shows. But all that's done so I really aught to let you all know where they have gone.

First to open is Mansfield Park Gallery's 150 Years With Alice, which had it's private viewing last sunday. The show is wonderful, with a nice range of work around the Alice theme, including Fran Hanley's charming multi media works.

This friday (the 27th) there are three openings. The first, and the one I'm attending, is the RSA Open on the mound in Edinburgh. I'm delighted to be showing with them for the first time and am really looking forward to seeing all the work tomorrow night in such grand surroundings.

Also in fairly grand surroundings is the Glasgow Art Cub on Bath Street, whose winter show I helped hang on tuesday. It all looks great and the re-opening of the main halls means more artists are putting in work than has been the case for a few years. There has also been a few really great new members elected recently that will be showing their work here for the first time. Also there is a small works show, including one of my drawings, in the reception/bar area - so nice to see so much work up in one place!

Art Exposure Gallery at 516 Great Western Road are also having their christmas opening that night, from half five generally. Again there will be a big variety of work and a very warm welcome - I wish I had a jet pack or something to travel between all three shows!

Saturday afternoon is the next opening, at RGI Kelly Gallery . This is a postcard exhibition with most works under £300 and unframed - I'll be trying to go along to catch a bargain.

And finally there will be The Smithy Gallery , opening on Sunday the 6th of December. Again this is a group show and knowing the quality of artist's that exhibit here I'm looking forward to seeing all the paintings up on the walls.

Hopefully I'll see some of you at at least one of these shows!