Monday, 30 May 2011

Post-op, Gartnavel

Shoulder surgery all done, and the range of movement much better - I'll be able to draw and paint big again!
Waking up afterwards was weird, as couldn't move or feel my arm at all, but by night time could draw (a bit) and the next morning I was busy painting the view from my bed, while waiting for permission to go home - but about all I could see was a tiny strip of green. Oh well.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Artworks Scotland

This tuesday, Artworks Scotland were filming at All the Young Nudes, so we were there from 5:30pm onwards - pretty knackering. Unfortunately I found out the bad way that the banister I was leaning my board against was just too high for my shoulder (as in, cramp, pain, hand going numb . . . ). Bah. Oh, and I managed to set fire to my hair . . .
Still, I met the lovely Anna Lehr, who was modeling. Hopefully at some point I will be able to do an oil of her - such a great face, as well as great posture.
The shoulder problems are what has lead me to watercolour and ink - they are small, and portable - no big sweeping arm movements for me presently - so it's not been all bad. The surgery is planned for next week, so wish me luck (and don't expect any posts/flickr updates for a bit!)

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

All the Young Nudes

This is from my third visit to All the Young Nudes, which runs at the Flying Duck every tuesday night - you can stand up on a sort of balcony thingy looking down at the models, which gives a quite different viewpoint for me - being short, and often sitting, I'm generally looking up! Also, there is a mirror, and a big comfy chair, and ikea flexible lights, which give very intense spotlights. So, all in all, new challenges for me, which appears to be proving productive.

This one is for Daniel, who implied I didn't like purple.

Monday, 2 May 2011

28 drawings later . . .

In February, I took part in an online exhibition hosted by Victoria Evans, called 28 drawings later - and she has made a book! So fab seeing everyones work in print - including four of mine. At (big) and (small).

This is my first landscape for years, maybe even decades - I rejoined the University of Glasgow library in January and this is one of the views from level 11, where there are lots of great big art books. There are also lots of students presently, but after exam time I plan on going back with my pen and watercolours to do a few more.

If not for the challenge, this drawing would not exist, and I would not be out sketching in all this lovely weather . . . and would not have met some pretty interesting peoples.