Wednesday, 11 May 2011

All the Young Nudes

This is from my third visit to All the Young Nudes, which runs at the Flying Duck every tuesday night - you can stand up on a sort of balcony thingy looking down at the models, which gives a quite different viewpoint for me - being short, and often sitting, I'm generally looking up! Also, there is a mirror, and a big comfy chair, and ikea flexible lights, which give very intense spotlights. So, all in all, new challenges for me, which appears to be proving productive.

This one is for Daniel, who implied I didn't like purple.


  1. "Personally, I think purple is over-rated." - Jane Gardiner

    For my part, I have always loved purple, thinking it, I don't know, a very *royal* sort of color.

    This is a gorgeous watercolor! I went to a workshop with a very similar set-up one time. Drawing from the balcony was a strange experience, but it looks like you got a lot out of it.

  2. I'd have sworn there was a comment here before . . Just to say, its not that I don't like purple (does seem to have a great range of tones in watercolour), just that it is a bit over-rated sometimes (like U2, especially in the early 90's). Mind you, my school uniform was purple, so I may be a little biased.

  3. Comment re-appeared, so my follow up now looks a little odd. NVM, don't really want to change it presently. Thank you for your lovely comment, Daniel - have been doing loads more, in lots of other colours - there's a transparent red-brown that also works quite well . . .