Wednesday, 15 February 2012

days 14 and 15

Like last year, I got a box on Valentine's day. This one was quite a bit smaller than last years, and less glamorous but possibly more welcome - I have been talking about maybe getting one of these for ages but have kept putting it off as I had no real pressing need. But now I am planning the New York trip and will need a lot of reading matter - especially as I read too fast and can finish the average thriller in a couple of hours. So lots of kudos to the lovely husband.
As I didn't have much energy left today and just wanted to slump in front of Soprano's I thought I'd draw this little lady, from a very old book I have of photographs taken for artistic use (yeah, right!). The photo's are generally quite odd, with very dated hairstyles and makeup. But they are good for general life drawing practice, especially when I want to try something new or understand better a particular point of anatomy. Drawing in pencil is not something I have done for years and was surprisingly pleasant to do while zoning out.

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