Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Day 13 - I Will Not Swing

Today's drawing is a bit of a homage to Donna , whom I recently did a swap with - two of my life drawings for this fabulous little sculpture. She is taking part in the challenge too, so I really hope she likes this one!
The second picture is, of course, the drawing with the sculpture. You can see that although I don't use classic sight-size methods, everything does tend to end up very similar in size to how I see the original - in this case I was sitting very close, the better to see all the details.

The challenge is half way through today and I am realising that this year I really want to try harder from now on - last year was great in getting me to use a sketch book and getting out into public spaces and drawing. Which is mainly what I've been doing so far this year. But in the last couple of days I have been thinking less of the sketching side of drawing and more of producing finished works - not something I have ever really done. It6 is also time for me to not depend just on watercolour and ink - to maybe start planning, drawing in pencil, really thinking about the best use of media for the image. So, a challenge!

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