Thursday, 16 February 2012

Day 16 - Derwent Waterbrush and Dr Martin's Watercolour

Life drawing again at Pam's Thursday morning life drawing group and we started with 2 minute poses as always. The time wasn't quite enough - or I was doing too much with most of the drawings - this being the only one I was happy-ish with. Mind you, these are meant to be warm-up exercises anyway.
Clare was our model - she has been seen previously in this blog and is always a pleasure to work with. She was drawn most excellently earlier in the week by Victoria so I had a lot to live up to. Unfortunately I was feeling rather tired (but not emotional) this morning and bailed out after about an hour. So not many drawings were done.
The group decided on using the rest of the time as a long pose (broken into 20 minute segments). Which meant a lying down pose, positioned up on the box we use. I had planned on doing much experimentation with new watercolour (bought, and first used, on day 3) but feeling ropey meant that after doing these couple of drawings I called it a day. During the last drawing I discovered that the combination of tap water and Dr Martin's Radiant Watercolour in my waterbrush had separated out - which rather suited the pose, as from my point of view on the floor she looked rather like a series of hills. A happy accident on this occasion and one I may exploit again later on. But it does mean I am still searching for my perfect media. Maybe the answer will be in America (where I believe they have better waterbrushes, if nothing else. Mine seem to leak.)

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