Friday, 24 February 2012

days 23 and 24 - Glasgow Wellington (without his hat)

On the 23rd day I got out and about into the centre of town. For lunch I had a coffee at Royal Exchange Square, with a good view of the Wellington statue - without the traffic cone on his head, which must be a rare event! To start with he did have pigeons, though, but by the time I was ready to paint them they had all flown off. Maybe next time. Having never tried to draw or paint a horse before (living or statue) I was not prepared for how really difficult it is. In life drawing it can be a little hit or miss whether the feet really look as if they stand on the floor - a problem multiplied by four. The next days posting was a little bit of a cheat - on fridays I work till 6pm, then go out for dinner with my husband ~(days 10 and 17). It had been a struggle to have drawings for those days (on day 17 I posted a painting that I had started the day before). So this week I did two drawings in town - the second the view from my car parked at George Square of the Glasgow Eye. Working with white watercolour and ink line feels rather satisfactory - another thing to explore further in the upcoming months (when it is a wee bitty warmer for sitting about outdoors on concrete!)


  1. Great! I'm surprised to see him without his hat ;)

  2. The wheel is perfection though one needs to click on it and see it larger to appreciate it.
    I look forward to the warmer months when you create more images like these.
    X David, NYC

  3. Kyla, I was suprised, too! looks slightly wrong somehow - I'll have to back someday, preferably when the horse also has his cone.

    David, that is so lovely of you to say! I will try and post bigger pictures from now on - just getting used to a lot of new computering stuff presently which should improve matters - all in preparation for my trip to New York - any tips for when I'm there? (looked at the weather today over there, 16 degrees and no wind - so not fair!)

    Apologies for the delay - rl been getting in the way - so much so I believe our chimney was on the hews!