Monday, 6 February 2012

Ongoing Challenge

Party night on Saturday (even if I bailed early). It was in celebration of Moira's birthday and this is Moira and Penny waiting in wagamama's for the food - the ever dapper Frank To had managed to phone the wrong one so we were waiting a wee bitty longer than planned - so much so Penny had a go at drawing for the first time in years!

On Sunday I was really busy and didn't have much time - and this little gadget got a lot of use. Most people never notice it, so I thought it was time it took the spotlight, even if it is misshapen little thing. This is not the place for me to air my hobby horses,but needless to say I can get quite passionate about how some of us can be treated just because we are a little different . . .
And through the door this morning came an absolutely gorgeous invite to Jimmy Greer's retrospective at Mansfield Park Gallery. Stunning. Did I mention I have one of the prints on the invite? And that he was one of the friendliest guys a few years ago when I first plucked up the courage to attend life drawing sessions, after not having drawn for about ten years? Over that time I have never seen him anything other than welcoming and approachable, while quietly producing great works of art in his little corner. Just doing this little drawing based on his works has taught me a thing or two and if I was to write a list of Art Heroes, he would be on the list.

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