Friday, 27 January 2012

The Year Ahead 2012

Even later with this, but anyway, here goes.

First up, more blogging - this month I'm taking part in the 28 drawings later project on Facebook again,and will be writing about it here. English was never my best subject at school (oddly enough, Maths probably was. Oh, and Art) so more blogging will be a challenge. As, of course, will be drawing every day. But it was such a blast last year, really made me experiment, and was very supportive. Also, I am hoping to write pretty much every day during the upcoming residency at The Art Student's League in May.

Which, of course, is the big upcoming art event for this year. What do I hope to gain? New friends, lots of sketches and paintings, more confidence as a painter and a better understanding of art history. It has given me a deadline to try and learn as much as I can on my own, so I'll be further along when I get there, so I can take advantage of the teaching better. That alone has been useful . . .

One of the things I'm concentrating on is composition, playing with foreground and background, as well as using the full figure rather than just the head. Another area is landscapes - a new venture since I started doing some landscape drawings last year during the challenge. It takes quite a lot of guts to sit in public and paint . . . drawing is hard enough!

It is hard to set goals, though - I never dreamt this time last year that I would be going to New York, or possibly taking part in my first Art Fair. So I guess the main thing is to keep painting and see where it leads me . . .

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