Sunday, 16 February 2014

day 16 - The Rose Lady

Yesterday was the first time a virtual stranger came to pose for me - the lovely Carol, who was brave enough to respond to my facebook plea for models - and even came up from Ayr, which is hugely flattering.

As I didn't have much of an idea what she looked like, I didn't have any idea what poses to use, but as I do have a lovely husband, I did have some red roses to use as props, along with a collection of bits and bobs.

So we played around (and managed to travel through most of history in the process) and got loads of great photos - but this is the first to be drawn - and is probably my biggest drawing to date, at 18 x 26 cm.

So that's another first achieved from doing this project - there are too many to list but inlude asking for input and help at so many stages, from the planning to modeling and beyond - but the enthusiasm everyone has shown has been astonishing and very inspiring, so a big thank you to everyone.

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