Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Day 4 - The Cat In The Hat WIP

Today I thought I'd show one of the uses of my drawings - to use as a guide for painting.

As you can see, first I start by scaling up and drawing on the canvas with watercolour pencil - I use watercolour pencil because it is picked up by the paint in the next stage and therefore does not show through in subsequent layers. As you can see I had a wee bit of trouble with the drawing for some reason and ended up having to do it twice.

Next is putting in a thin layer of dark, which really creates the backbone of the final painting - the plan is to not put an awful lot on top of this layer. Next the midtones and lights are added - at this stage, as medium is being used and the paint is fairly thin, there may not be a huge difference between these - but the brushwork kind lets me know which is which, when I move onto the next stage, adding colour.

Which I have yet to do - this is the stage that takes the longest generally. Sometimes this works straight off, but more usually I'll spend a fair amount of time wiping the paint off before I get something I like. Oh well. When I do get it finished, I'll post it here - whether that's next week or months from now . . .

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