Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Day 5 - The Coins

What to say about this one?

Well, to start with, it involved a very patient indeed model - she had to lie on my cold floor with chocolate coins over her eyes while I loomed above her taking photos - most of which ended up with my feet in them - just as well I'm not a photorealist.

Moira is used to these sorts of shenanigins, though, both through having been my very first ever model and being an artist herself - she runs Felt In Art so I really ought to do a drawing or painting with one of her creations. Maybe next time.

As to the inspiration, once I started thinking about using everyday, childish things as props I knew I wanted to use the chocolate coins - not least because it is always good to be able to eat your accessories. The idea of someone lying back with the coins on their eyes came to me so strongly that I am worried I am plagiarising someone unwittingly - hopefully it is the concept (which is quite an old one, after all) and not a specific image that I am stealing. After all, in representational art concerning the human body there are very few new ideas - Madonna and child has been painted umpteen times, for example, yet we are not tired of it yet.

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