Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Day 12 - Turning Drawings Into Paintings

Nearly half way so I thought I'd let you all see the progress in the studio.

The only finished works are the two framed ones. The rest are in progress - generally I start by drawing a loos outline in watercolour pencil, then block in dark, medium and light tones, as can be seen in the three paintings on the left. Next is a layer of colour, like in the Jester, Lace and Cat in the Hat paintings. At each stage I try and make it as correct as possible - the idea is to leave nothing that needs to be changed, although there may well be areas that need added to. If I am lucky, that is the painting done. More usually I notice stuff, or change my mind about the tone of the background, or suchlike. Then more work is done. Sometimes paintings can sit for a while before I realise what needs to be done - or I decide it is finished. The Satin Bow is at that stage - I haven't quite decided if I am happy with it or not . . .

On the board on the right side are the drawings which have started being painted. On the left are the drawings I want to start soon - but have to wait until the canvas is ready. Putting them together like this lets me check the sizes are right - Touch Not (upper left) is a little too big, so although I've drawn it at 16 cm, think a 14 inch canvas will be better.

Yesterday I got the stretcher bars for the bigger paintings - Peek-A-Boo and Two Coins - which is very exciting - can't wait to start with them, but it will take me about a week to get the canvas ready. Oh well. Also I am having doubts about the sizing - one of the reasons I am doing these drawings is to try and get the heads all similar sizes, which works well for head and shoulders. However, the half and full length ones are too big to draw easily and quickly, so I have been halving the size again. This works in telling me that the image works but I suspect is not good enough to check the sizing - thinking I may do full size b+w acrylic paintings on paper for these ones - canvases of these size are not cheap so spending an extra half hour to get it right may well be worth it.

Who knew painting was such a complicated business. Or is it just me?

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