Thursday, 13 February 2014

day 13 - V for . . .

It is almost Valentines day - and half way through the challenge.

So I thought an ambiguous image might be appropriate.

Valentine's is sorted (one of the advantages of being married) although I expect our favourite restaurant will be much noisier than usual. For singletons though the day can be a pain as well as a joy - and misses that romance can be a special event, but needs to be backed up by day-to-day actions.

Similarly I am am having doubts about this project - if I turn this into a full size painting, it will be 48 inches tall. That is really quite big - especially for someone that has yet to paint anything bigger than 20 inches. Scary. But half size just seems wrong, somehow. Soon I will have to make a decision - and who knows whether it will turn out V for Victory.

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