Sunday, 9 February 2014

day 9 - The Clown Princess

Yesterday I called in a longstanding promise, for Donna to pose for me in her clown finery.

And what finery it is! The make-up, the bowler hat, the ruff, the dungarees . . . it was magic to get to play with someone else's play up box, and has given me loads of ideas for new props - and, of course, lots of new photographs to work from, which is all very exciting.

Today I'm using a paper new to me - Strathmore charcoal sheets - this particular grey is nice, but maybe a bit pale for me. The sheets also seem to crease an awful lot as well. Still, if they are more colourfast than the fabriano ingres I've been using so far, then that would be great - I'll just have to sit a bit out somewhere with a part covered and see what happens.

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