Saturday, 22 February 2014

Day 22 - The Renaissance Lady

Cate Inglis was also kind enough to come and sit for me this week.

In this pose, she has black netting around her but I didn't draw that as the scale is just too titchy and you wouldn't have been able to see her face.

Whether I'll paint this I'm not sure yet, and if I do, whether or not I'll include the netting - it'd be fun to do so but I'm a little scunnered with painting lace at the moment and am not sure I want to do something similar so soon.

It would however be appropriate as Cate's landscapes are concerned with layers and structure and the net would add another layer to what is being depicted as well as reference previous similar paintings.

While she was posing, I was reminded of Leonardo Da Vinci's portraits - in turns out, La Belle Ferroniere , and indeed this is a pretty close mirror image. A good example of how woman's appearance has not changed all that much over the last 500 years or so.

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