Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The Gardiner Building

Another from the University Library series - this time still a WIP (I think).

The Gardiner building was not named after a relative (that I know about, anyway) and is the buildings behind the big brown one with the white stripes (which I think is the lab building - must have a proper name, anyone remember?). It is, of course, The Western as seen from Glasgow University library, and the first in the series that doesn't make entirely clear it is of a view through a window - although all the reflections may give the game away.

The geometry of these reflections in comparison with the intricacy of the view is what made me want to paint this one - zigzags, big shapes leading to small shapes, more orange and blue as well as the ubiquitous grey of a cityscape (especially Glasgow!)

Not quite finished yet, but a fair way along. Feedback would be useful, as I very much feel I am feeling my way with these paintings as I go along - there is very little similar out there and I can't decide whether that's good or bad.


  1. It's good, the less you can rely on existing conventions, the more you will wind up inventing your own language. Plus, it's a good idea in and of itself. Says I.

  2. Problem with inventing your own language is that maybe no one else can understand you (witness us Glasgwegians when we leave town). Thank you for the support - ideas in painting is a bit of an experiment . . .