Wednesday, 27 February 2013

On Creativity

Today I thought I'd write about how I've found this experiment.

It has been knackering. It has made me think more and deeper about art and encouraged me to get out and see stuff while also pushing me to do more actual painting. It has encouraged me to keep going with individual paintings. The feedback has been fantastic and has really helped me post works in progress and ideas that previously I would have been too shy to share. Oddly, this process of sharing as you go along has clarified some issues for me, both with individual paintings and with my methods in general - I really feel I've made a bit of a breakthrough with my painting process which I hope leads to even more creativity. Time will tell.

My confidence both as an artist and as a blogger has increased tremendously - so much so, I am actually beginning to tell people that I blog and am working up to asking artists I admire if I can interview them! (There is one interview in process. You will see it in the next few weeks.)

Did I achieve my aims. Yes - and then some. All I was wanting to do was become better at blogging. I never expected this would feedback so much into the actual artworks - which is a lovely example of the unintended benefits of a creative enterprise. Similar things did happen in the last two 28 days later - so I am open to a challenge for next year!

So once again there is proof that the best way to learn something is to just do it. No more shilly-shallying for me.

What have been the good points for you guys? What did you like, what did you hate, what was boring? If you tell me, I can try harder in the many more blog posts to come.

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