Saturday, 9 February 2013

Paris Again

This time of year is horrid - so dark and grey, so many competitions coming up I don't have good enough paintings for.

So this year I have decided to go back to Paris.

Paris is fab. I loved it as a teenager (and loved even more having "Paris bought" clothes), loved it as the first holiday my husband and I took together over ten years ago, loved it on honeymoon (when it was 37 degrees most of the time - far too hot for us freckly blonds), when we sat about in the Luxembourg Gardens and watched both the fish and the french

I have even loved it on the very occasioal day trip over on the channel tunnel from London, where I've packed in a visit both to the D'orsay and the Louvre.

This time the plan is to go to lots of museums - the above two, of course, but also the Pompidou (where I've never been), the Orangerie, the Petit Palais and the commercial galleries.

So with luck, an increase in knowledge.

And some lazing about, watching the world go by.

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