Saturday, 16 February 2013

One Eyed Jane - WIP

Remember my first post this month? Well, I did some more wrk on it, then hated it. The left eye was wonky. So, after fiddling and fiddling and getting no-where, I decided to paint it out and start again.

Teachers do say that one of the secrets of painting is being brave enough to destroy. Sometimes whole paintings, but the more I paint, the more often it is one section that gets the chop. Or the colours are changed, the background tone altered, stuff painted out or in . . . it is rare for me not to make some kind of fairly big change at some point.

Anyway, this is today's effort - the eye repainted, background lightened and made bluer, hair softened, and pretty much everything re-done. Then after the photo I think i did a little more and still don't think it's done yet.

Now it moves into the hall, for me to pass several times a day. Hopefully in a few days I will realise what it is that is bothering me (apart from bits of the hair, that is!). When will it be done? When I don't have that niggle anymore.

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