Sunday, 24 February 2013

A Productive Day

Today I painted.

Generally I have about 3 works in progress - one just started, one nearly finished and maybe one or two somewhere in the middle. They have a tendency to leapfrog one another, though - a work that "just needs a couple of touches" can end up taking weeks, if not months, whereas the just started painting can be done in a day or two.

Some works just seem to stop, though. After a while I either put them aside or destroy them,depending on whether I think the stumbling block can be overcome in time.

So now I have just pretty much finished three so am at a bit of a loose end. One was started and the box of unfinished was looked into.

In there were three landscapes that had possibilities - the above tree that was started in New York being one of them.

And this one dates from early June.

Whereas the woods has been on the go since October.

All three are better. Whether they are good enough I am still not sure - it will take a few days of pondering to decide. But in a way that doesn't matter - the messing about with paint and brushes, the experimenting (as it can't get worse) has taught me stuff that I can use in the next painting. The best way to learn - actually doing.

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