Saturday, 12 May 2012

Vytlacil Campus Sculptures

There are a wealth of sculptures scattered in the grounds of Vytlacil Campus, so much so that you never quite know what you are going to stumble across next, or what is natural and what is created. The following are a few that are round the back of the house - the first is particularly friendly.
Others are a little more startling and have a very strong presence. The last one pictured blends with the life-drawing barn, shifting in mood with the light.
Remember we have an Open Studio event on the afternoon of the 24th of May, with bus leaving from the Manhattan campus on 57th St, so you can come and see them for yourself.


  1. This is really cool! I love when you do links to art stuff.
    On an unrelated note- I was wondering if you have been having problems
    posting links to blogger on facebook. I have been suddenly having trouble
    (and by that I mean it won't do it) and so I looked up some other bloggers
    I read on fb to see if they post links.
    I noticed you have in the past... have you had problems lately?

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  2. Thank you, BDL Palash. I haven't had any problems with facebook recently - although sometimes I don't get a thumbnail.