Monday, 14 May 2012

Some Progress

Half way through the residency and I haven't done enough painting. My main excuse is that as I haven't been able to hire a model yet I am mainly working from photographs - and I can do that back home. So far, only the life drawings, the bird painting and the start of a landscape have been done from life. And, of course, the painting I did in the workshop that took up the first week - which is still languishing at the ASL 57th street building. Oh well.

However I have made some progress, from doing the workshop, from talking to people such as Daniel Maidman and the other residents and wandering round the art museums and galleries. All I need is to put all that thinking and learning into practice!


  1. Can you visit the Grand Central Academy could be really inspiring

  2. Jane, where, geographically, are you painting? I can refer some models to you if you need them, but they're based in the city. Are you back in NYC at all? Your itinerary is very confusing from the outside...

    P.S. Thanks for the plug!

  3. Wil, there is plenty of inspiration - just not enough time to use it! But I hadn't thought of actually going to the Grand Central Academy - I'll look into that!

    Daniel, I'm painting at the Vytlacil campus, in Sparkill, off the 9W road, near the Hudson River. The itinerary is very confusing from the outside as well . . . am planning on coming back in, maybe at the end of the week and also after the open studios - I'll have tp stop painting then anyway so things have the time to dry. All I need is to take photos, preferably in a place with directional lighting.

  4. I was busy all weekend, but email me your other city plans if you'd like to see if we can get together again - although good gosh, my schedule is such that it might not work even so. I would do my best...