Wednesday, 1 May 2013


Is this photograph too dark?

This morning on my laptop it seemed fine - but now, on a different computer, it looks far too dark. This sis a problem I have had before - and as I use my laptop for most image manipulation etc it is important for me to work out. For example, I find the image shown on the camera itself is often too small to judge, so I take the laptop too, download an image or two, and adjust from there.

The worry is that doing this makes all my images too dark - reference material, publicity shots (ha! as if!) as well as the photographs of the paintings that I take. Although I do try and get most of my work professionally photographed these days, there are always some that slip through the net . . . or there isn't the time before a competition deadline.

What do you guys think?


  1. Agree with you - taking one's own photo is never totally satisfactory. But professional work is very costly. I think your image here looks fine and is atmospheric.

  2. Thank you Bridget - I worked on the photo a wee bit more and will try and remember to change it tonight - it is closer now. Professional is costly - between that and the frame it can be £50+, which is a lot when my paintings are fairly dinky.And then there is the time lost getting to photographer etc . . .