Sunday, 3 March 2013

A Guard Chair - Finished?

Well, this may be finished. Or it may not. If it is, it marks the last work from this year's February challenge.

This weekend has been dedicated to moving on, deciding what's next - it is a rare occasion when there isn't a painting desperate to be made or a deadline of some sort coming up. Being free to choose has been a little daunting, but I have selected my reference material for around five paintings and am busy preparing my canvas for maybe a couple more.

This requires a fair amount of organisation - getting the right size stretcher bars, finding the time to do some hammering when it won't annoy anyone, getting a crick in my back from stretching the linen (after taking over the hall to spread the linen out and pretend I'm a dressmaker), applying the gesso in several thin layers with sanding between each and then deciding if I will apply a thin, turpsy layer of colour over the whole thing or go straight in with a tonal layer.

Thankfully I do have a few I made earlier that will suit so I can get started - and it is back to faces. Later in the spring I will be doing a lot of plein air landscapes, so would like to concentrate on portraiture for the moment - especially as I will be put out of action by shoulder surgery fairly soon. You will be able to follow my progress (or lack of) as I intend to keep posting twice weekly.

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