Saturday, 30 March 2013

Carousel - Start Of My Most Ambitious Painting So Far

My biggest and brightest painting so far - this is about a day's work. Had to stop this stage as most of the canvas covered in paint and I need it to dry before beginning the next stage.

There is a little slide show of how I got there over at youtube .

What I've done is pretty much just a sketch so far - general placement of values and colours - although I've not yet used any opaque paint, so the creams have still to be added. What'll I'll probably do next is work on the main horse - which is pretty dark - with a full range of colours and brushes, adding to it stroke by stroke, using what I've done so far as a guide as to where everything goes. This may take some time.

In theory everything should darken, except for the lights - leaving them to glow.

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