Friday, 25 November 2011

Vytlacil Residency, 2012

They accepted me, and I am going in May! How brilliant is that?

For those that don't know, this is an artists residency run by the Art Student's League on a campus about 40 minutes north of New York. Yup, that's right, in the U.S.A. And yup, I ain't never been out of Europe before and can count the number of countries I've visited on one hand. So, a very big adventure . . . .

Here is a little youtube video of the place -doesn't it look sweet?

I'm looking for advice about where to go, what to see when I'm there - go on, tell your tales, share the gossip and recommend the best places to eat/see art/people to talk to/blogs to read . . . oh, and to prepare me, any films/books recommended?

Maybe a little later I'll talk about what I expect - should be interesting reading after I have been!

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