Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Neocolor 2

This is my first trial of a neocolor crayon that I picked up when in the art store the other day . . . Recently I have been thinking a lot about drawing and process - partly as it seems to me to be the next thing to learn and partly because it is frustrating to spend hours in the life class and have little to show for it.
So, I am thinking that either I need to start selling my drawings (Etsy) or be able to use them to make paintings.
The average class has a variety of timed poses - the quick ones seem to lend themselves to outline drawing, with maybe a colour addition for tone. Longer can be used for oil sketching (but need at least 30minutes!).
So, that's sorted. But what do I do with them next? put them in a pile? re-interpret them in different colours/medium etcetera? use them as a basis for a painting?
Presently do all three - this particular drawing is based on both a drawing and a photo I did when the lovely Anna was modelling for me recently. I painted her when she was here as well, and in due course there should be oil paintings appearing, quite possibly with one using the same pose.


  1. Coo'eee! Thank you for hopping over to the ol' blog and leaving comment-means a lot! :)
    LOVE your work and don't fret over slow sales on Etsy; I have half the year dead as a Dodo then 3million along at once... your work will soon be flying out the door! :)

  2. A pleasure :)

    3 million? Can't wait - thanks for the encouragement - sold one yesterday, so have a big grin - more money towards buying a better printer!