Wednesday, 27 July 2011

George Square

Last weekend I went to the Glasgow Merchant City Festival - which was a bit of a first for me, as I have always previously avoided such things, being pretty deaf.
However, recent emails between myself and the lovely Nigel Cox has encouraged me to use photographs of strangers. In particular, I want to explore movement more by using reference material of dancers/trapeze artists/acrobats etc. It seems to me that line and wash is a perfect match for such subjects - and hopefully I will be posting proof of this sometime soon.
The whole thing was much more enjoyable than I expected - especially the dance - not sure why it had never occurred to me that dance does not really need the music to be enjoyed.
Anyway, before all the dancing started, I managed a couple of urban sketches, one of the George Square Lions and the other of the back end of the City Chambers.

To end the day, I went and saw Grim(m) Tales at the suggestion of Moira Buchanan and was suprised to see Anna, one of my models! (The show is brilliant and they are on during the Edinburgh Festival - I strongly recommend going and seeing them!)


  1. Hello, just joined your blog i have seen you through Etsy and my blog and glad to be here. I love your work, so call me a fan :D i am heading to Scotland next week to vist family and hope to make it to Glasgow and Edinburgh taking my trusting moleskine sketchbook with me.

  2. Hi Heidi. Mutual fans! Hope the weather stays good for you coming here. Have you seen wil freeborn's urban sketches of Glasgow and Edinburgh? quite brilliant . . .