Friday, 20 February 2015

In The Studio - day 19

A wee update of what is going on in the studio

Another layer has been added to the kitty painting - really just darkening the darks and finding the pattern on the blanket. Hope to finish this in one more go over the next week sometime - you can see the earlier stages at day 12.

In comparison with Day 3 there hasn't been any huge changes - two new tea cup paintings started, two much closer to being finished and one done. Various bits and bobs have been done on the portraits as well so that they are pretty much all at the stage where they have had most problems sorted and just need finished. I haven't had the time to do that recently though as need at least 4 uninterrupted hours - here's hoping the next couple of weeks will be better!


  1. Lovely paintings, intersting to see how other artists frame their work as well

    1. Thank you Dennis - you can see loads more of the frames at - the framer has a studio next to me, think he did a really good job for the exhibition. Will post a few photos of the Lynn Painter Stainers in London at the weekend - I found it interesting how many paintings had very thin frames there.