Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Turn

As some of you will know by now, the date has been set for my solo show at Mansfield Park Gallery . It opens after the private viewing on the 26th of August and will be open for three weeks - if you want to come along to the opening, email me at The gallery is now much further up Hyndland Road, being next to Peckhams and near the junction with Clarence Drive - so lots of good eateries and bars nearby and in one of the parts of Glasgow I remember from when I was very very little.

In this wee bit of Hyndland not much has changed in the thirty or so years since - new openings in the area is rare, so I am very honoured to be the first solo show the gallery is holding in the new premises - when I was there the place looked smashing so I am very confidant that the owner make my work look it's best.

One of the works will be The Turn, pictured above, which is my biggest painting so far. It should be a good size for the window so hopefully the denizens of Hyndland shan't disrupt her dream of reason.

There is also a portrait of Donna, The Clown Princess, which I will show later on when I have a good photograph to show you - the above painting was photographed by the very talented Ian Marshall . All my paintings from now own will be photographed by him, unless I specifically mention I did it myself (in which case it is likely to be a wip or just a duff photograph!).

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