Sunday, 7 April 2013

How To Think Up Titles For Paintings

Titling paintings is a very odd thing. Some have a title before they even start, some develop titles as they are painted where as others just stay "the blue one" while others only graduate to a title once they are painted.

And some still do not have a title then - like this poor painting. It has a name - that of the model (and bonus points to those who know who it is) - but not a title. Which is beginning to become a problem as it soon needs to go to the framers and then on to an exhibition.

So I am opening it up to the floor - any suggestions out there?


  1. I've the same problem so been looking at Poetry and finding phrases. I can't really help you with a suggestion but it's a lovely work and very ethereal

  2. Thank you Bridget - I think she is going to be called The Decision - I have another week to decide.

    Listening to music when running is how I used to find titles - but I haven't been able to run for a bit!