Friday, 28 December 2012

Looking Back at 2012

What a year it has been! At the start of the year I listed a few things I wanted to do. How did I get on? Well, much better than expected! Although I didn't get nearly as much out of the 28 drawings challenge this time around - although it was lovely to see Joe's drawings really take off. My Etsy shop was something else that didn't continue to develop - largely due to shipping troubles. Maybe I will revive it, maybe not. The New York Residency really made a difference, although there were bits I hated - the continual storms, the lack of internet access, the bad food - but I came back feeling I could paint anything - and have, indeed, started to. Roses, skulls, buildings, trees . . . Possibly the big things I learnt was the use of medium, how important the planning/thinking bits of painting is for me and the benefits of getting out there, talking to people and seeing art. The unexpected event was one of my residency paintings (a three-quarter's length figure) winning the Glasgow Art Club Fellowship at the RGI. This, of course, led to the prize winner's show, where I learnt how much work there is in such a show. It also led to me meeting some new people (such as Fran Hanley and Robert Kelsey).
As there was such a deadline (told about the show late Oct, show going up early December) it forced me to really push myself, get the paintings done, and not worry about how people will like them. This has been a good thing - what feedback I have had has been good. Some of the things I wanted to develop were composition skills and landscape painting - and the above is the result. This may well be a theme (as I am fascinated by windows and reflections, as well as cities) I am going to pursue much more over the next year - but that's the next blog post . . .

P.S. this is my 100th post!

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