Monday, 25 June 2012

The Princess

Here is the (probably) finished version of The Princess - she was the last painting I started in Vytlacil, and was hung on the wall at the opening while the paint was still wet. Back then, she had a yellow background and grey clothing - originally she started as an exercise in using raw sienna as a background. That didn't work out - turns out the paint was both too opaque and too transparent for what I was after. Never mind, I'll try something similar on another painting soon.

So, now she surrounded by shades of green/grey/blue and is looking much calmer - originally she seemed to have a little bit of a sneer to her, which just did not seem right. A real example of the painting taking over and the reference material being left far behind.

Looking at her here on the blog it is clear I am very drawn to these types of blues - all my most recent paintings are very blue themed. Oh well. Guess I should keep experimenting with the colours . . .

Just spotted something I want to fix. A painting is done for me either when I run out of things to improve, fixing it means starting from scratch, or when it has to be taken to a gallery to be sold. How does everyone else decide?


  1. She really suits the cooler background. Makes her seem both more three dimensional and regal.

    In re finishing. Hmm. No short answer there I'm afraid. Sometimes I had such a strong picture of a thing in mind that once I reach that point, I stop. But sometimes, I don't stop, and me and the work wander off somewhere unknown, until there's some sort of concluded feeling happening. But I don't know where that comes from. With some of the line drawings, they're just finished when my subject moves, or my shoulders cramp from standing still too long.

  2. Thanks, Donna - although the more three dimensional may also be because I did a lot more work on her face - my monitor here shows it as being very pink, though - its not!

    For years I was put off as I was told that artists had a strong image in their mind before they start - I never have, just a vague idea of how something may work. Oddly, this is true even when I work from photo's and when I do thumbnails etc.

    Life drawings (and urban sketches) are really a kind of by-product of looking - choosing the materials kinda decides the general look, but after that there is little thought. Those where thinking is involved seem to turn out worse - maybe why I'm no good at long poses!