Monday, 26 December 2011

Penguin Walk, Edinburgh Zoo

It is Boxing Day, so I'm posting a couple of my favourite drawings - this year had been the first year (Thanks to Victoria Evans's 28 Drawings Later project) that I have got really into using a sketchbook, drawing in ink and using watercolours, especially outside of the life class.

The penguins are from a day in the zoo (can't remember ever being to a zoo before. It is quite a depressing place - and sells a awful amount of alcohol in the cafe) Drawing animals is a nice change for me, so expect more penguins/flamingos/tigers etc to appear over the next few months at the Etsy shop.

Bones are also very satisfying to draw - especially when spot lit as they tend to be in museums these days. So much room for exaggerating claws and teeth! This ceratosaur drawing has been given to my nephew - all kids go through a dinosaur phase, don't they? - and has been a favourite, I'm sure, of generations of Glasgow kids.

After all, drawing should be fun at least some of the time, shouldn't it?

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