Thursday, 17 February 2011

This month I am taking part in the "28 days challenge" that Victoria Evans is running on facebook (brave woman!). Although I have been cheating rather by including life drawings and drawings in paint that I would have done anyway, it has been good for me to think more about drawing, and to try and come up with ideas - normally I just go with what's in front me, so spending some time thinking is a new experience!
Also, Over the last few months I have been thinking more about how to use my time effectively in the life class, which is leading me towards watercolour/ink for the short poses and oils for longer - although I love to look at other folks pastel/charcoal/pencil work, I have never really been happy that what I produce in these media reflects my viewpoint. Umm. More thinking to be done, I think, to try and express what I mean - oops.

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