Sunday, 9 January 2011

Friday Life Drawing

Most fridays I go and draw naked people with a bunch of other strange clothed folks -and this exhibition is the result!
There is a big range of reasons for people attending and everyone is at a different stage of progress. Without the group being welcoming, I doubt very much that I would have got together the courage to progress as much as I have, to the stage of being a professional artist (boy, does that sound wierd).
One of the oddest thing about it is that I can spend three hours of frustration, producing nonsense that goes straight in the bin, but the next day manage to really move on in a painting that I thought was stalled.
So, life drawing is much recommended, and if you happen to be in Glasgow, please come along.
(We don't know exactly what is going to be hung until the day, so it's all very exciting)

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