Thursday, 14 October 2010

This is from an evening class I've been doing at Maryhill Art School with Cynthia Bowles. It is a new technique for me, based on laying a layer of oil and turps first, then a layer of transparent oil paint (in this case, burnt sienna) and then rubbing out the lights with a cloth. The next week, we went back and put in the darks.
Can't quite see how to develop this further into full colour, but think I will be experimenting with the technique with other colours over the next wee while.


  1. This is depressingly good :) Turned out a whole load better than my attempt; very impressive, you've pretty much nailed it really- just a great figure painting.

    I really enjoyed the technique, I'd like to give it another try.

  2. Thanks! It did turn out quite well - other attempts so far haven't worked really, and I think it needs to be on a fairly big scale - which is a pain, cause what are you gonna do with a 18x16" orange painting of a man's backside?

    Still, it has stimulated me to start painting in monochrome at life drawing, which I think is a good thing.